Photo credit : Stuart Bebb

I am a Career Development Fellow in Computer Science at Balliol College at the University of Oxford, and a Research Fellow at Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK).

Prior to this, I completed a D.Phil. in Theoretical Computer Science under the supervision of Paul Goldberg, and a B.A. in Mathematics at Harvard University with a minor in Neuroscience in 2012. 

My interests lie in the intersection of Algorithmic Game Theory, Decentralised Consensus Protocols and Computational Learning Theory.

I am also a co-organiser of the Mechanism Design For Social Good (MD4SG) research initiative alongside Rediet Abebe, Irene Lo, Ana-Andrea Stoica and Wanyi Li.

You can download a complete copy of my resume here.

News and Updates
  • March 2021: Gave a talk to at Balliol College on the Test & Contain initiative. Here are the slides from the presentation!

  • January 2021: Excited to kick off the new MD4SG group dedicated to Latin America and the Carribean alongside Michelle Gonzalez Amador, Maria Jose Silva-Vargas and Juan Felipe Penagos!

  • January 2021: It was a pleasure to introduce my father, Francisco Marmolejo, in giving this month’s thought-provoking MD4SG colloquium talk on “Challenges for Higher Education and Research in a Post-Pandemic World”. I recommend you check it out here!

  • January 2021: I wrote a guest article for the COPOCYT’s journal, Tecno Disruptiva on Test and Contain. You can take a look here.   

  • December 2020: Our paper “RPPLNS: Pay-per-last-N-shares with a Randomised Twist”, with Jonathan Katz, Philip Lazos and Xinyu Zhou, has been accepted to AAMAS 2021

  • December 2020: Our paper “Learning Strong Substitutes Demand via Queries”, with Edwin Lock and Paul Goldberg, was nominated for Best Paper at WINE 2020

  • December 2020: Come listen to my co-author Philip Lazos talk about our paper “RPPLNS: Pay-per-last-N-shares with a Randomised Twist” at the Workshop on Game Theory and Blockchain at WINE 2020

  • December 2020: Come listen to my co-author Edwin Lock talk about our paper “Learning Strong Substitutes Demand via Queries” at WINE 2020

  • December 2020: Come listen to my co-author Jiarui Gan talk about our paper “Optimally Deceiving a Learning Leader in Stackelberg Games” at NeurIPS. 

  • December 2020: It was a pleasure to be invited as a panelist for a panel on “Combating Disease Outbreaks: Preventing Future Shocks - Focus on Ebola and COVID-19” for the Next Einstein Forum Global Gathering. You can watch our discussion here

  • November 2020: Honored to have had the opportunity to talk about Test and Contain and MD4SG at the “Semana ITI 2020 Virtual” for the Universidad Politécnica de San Luis Potosí

  • October 2020: It was a pleasure to partake in the discussion with COPOCYT regarding the use of technology in combating COVID-19 alongside my colleagues, Salvador Ruiz Correa and Ruben Lopez Revilla as well as the SLP Secretary of Health, Miguel Angel Lutzow Steiner. You can catch our discussion here.  

  • October 2020: I had the pleasure of giving an invited talk on the strategic and structural aspects of Bitcoin mining at the Algorithms, Combinatorics, Game Theory and Optimization in Chile (AGCO). You can catch the talk here